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Make your strong marriage stronger

Marriage Enrichment Experience

Marriage Enrichment Conferences and Retreats are created for couples who are looking to take one weekend away to make a strong marriage even stronger! The Marriage Enrichment Experience is based on the proven, Biblically based principles that come directly out of the Hope Restored marriage intensive program. These principles provide couples with practical tools to create a more vibrant, intimate and loving marriage.

Retreat Experience:


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CAD per couple

Enjoy the most personalized care and teaching from our Masters-level counsellors with our All-Inclusive Retreat Experience. Are you wanting to get away and grow in your relationship with your spouse, but not worry about hotels and restaurants? This option ensures all details are taken care of.

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Take a weekend away together to learn and grow in your marriage! Our registered marriage counsellors are bringing the Marriage Enrichment program to select hotels across the country to help couples learn what it looks like when the proven principles of Hope Restored are applied to their own marriage relationship.

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Focus on the Family Canada is partnering with churches across the country to host the Marriage Enrichment Conference. Our registered marriage counsellors will teach you proven principles from Hope Restored on how to improve communication, work through conflict and deepen intimacy with your spouse.

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Upcoming dates and locations

Interested in attending a Marriage Enrichment Experience? Want to learn how to make your strong marriage stronger? Find an event near you!

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Program details

The Marriage Enrichment Experience is designed for couples who are seeking to make their strong marriage even stronger with proven principles and practical tools based on the Hope Restored program.

During your conference or retreat, two facilitators will walk you through discussions and exercises that reveal the hidden barriers that keep marriages from thriving. You’ll not only understand what a healthy marriage looks like, but you’ll also learn about the fear cycle, how to avoid it, the value of caring for yourself, and how to communicate with your spouse on a deeper level.

By the end of your time together, you will have learned valuable relationship skills that you can easily apply to your everyday lives in order to create a stronger, healthier marriage.

Session 1
Session 1
Understanding Relationship Dynamics: Positive, Powerful, Promising Moments
Session 1

By looking back at the patterns of your positive, powerful and promising moments, you and your spouse can create a better understanding of what you need from one another.

In order to work toward a goal, you need to know what that goal is. With this healthy marriage model, you’ll better understand what your relationship should actually look like.

When our buttons are pushed, we react, which often causes our spouse’s buttons to be pushed and for them to then react. This is the Fear Cycle. But there is a way out of it.

The best thing you can do for your marriage is to invest in your own personal health, but everyone needs something different for their well-being. Becoming a student of yourself is the first step.

There are two styles of communication: work talk and heart talk. We’re all great at work talk, but very few of us know how to actually engage in heart talk, which is where intimacy in marriage thrives.

In order for you to seek unity, you need to feel safe and on the same team with your spouse. By changing your how you think about decision-making, you can change the outcome to a win-win every time.

Meet our speakers

With Masters degrees in counselling and years of professional and ministry experience, our speakers have the expertise to help couples like you build a relationship that not only survives, but thrives. With decades long marriages, they know how important it is to continually learn about yourself and your spouse in order to strengthen your marriage.

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Create a vibrant, intimate and loving marriage today

“This conference was so much more than we expected. Thank you, Wayne and Vicki, for your vulnerability with the group as it allowed me to realize that all of us, even the experts, are on a journey with our marriages. We have so many takeaways and tools to add to our toolbox to make our marriage better.”

Want to create a more vibrant, intimate loving marriage today? Learn more about our Marriage Enrichment programs and find the one that’s right for you!

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